Cheap Limo NJ services – Are they really worth to hire for the poker event?

We must remember that there are different types of Limo NJ services available in different parts of the city to use for those important poker events. If you are really keen on taking your friends with you for some events, then definitely you must not compromise on quality. This will leave an everlasting memory in the minds of all your friends who have been with you. Do not go for limo services that are offered for cheap. When you ask for such services you must also be prepared to receive substandard services and limos. In fact, the limo that will be provided to you might be a decade or more old. The condition of limo from cheap limo rentals will be on the verge of break down and will not be in proper condition because of low maintenance.

Hence, if at all any company offers you a cheap limo service before paying any advance money, ask the companies to show the vehicle to you. Only after viewing the vehicle you must go ahead and book the vehicle for the day you require its services. A limo is a chauffeur driven vehicle and hence is under control in the able hands of professional drivers. Do check out the limousine services of different car rental companies before zeroing it to the one you liked. There are many leading vehicle manufacturing companies that provide limos for rental. Some of the leading limo vehicle brands are Hummer, Cadillac, Lincoln etc.

Custom Poker chips – how to select them

It is important to consider the number of chips in a given set when making a purchase but quality is of utmost importance. It guarantees durability and a never-ending elegance. Another factor is denominations. People who place heavy bets go for higher denominations whilst low bets require low denominations. This couple with quality poker accessories like tables, chip cases, stacking racks spice up a poker game leaving players satisfied and will to take on a another round of betting. The last but not the least thing to consider is the design which is the most integral part to make ordinary chips as custom poker chips.

The cost factor is another aspect that restricts a person in his selection for chips and its customization. If you have limited funds then selection will also be limited to cheaper items. If you can afford expensive chips then you would certainly have a wide variety of selections to choose from. To customize a set of chips you will have to spend an amount in addition to buying the set of chips. Hence the process involves additional cost which should be borne in mind while making your purchases. After all the designs for customized chips are of your choice hence they would be unique.

Casino clay poker chips for a better poker experience

If you are seeking for a better and exiting poker experience it is better that you go for a set of casino clay poker chips. For years people have been using chips made of clay. Even now clay is considered to be the best material in poker chip sets. Casino graded chips are most often made of clay. The material used in the clay chips is so unique that they are the best when made into chips, for staking as well as tossing. The sound that a set of casino chips produce while tossing is very ideal for the game and matches the mood of the game.

You never will feel like playing with substandard chips while you are on the poker table with a set of casino graded chips. These professional chips are the favorites of many poker players and they simply love the feel and quality of these clay poker chips. What is a poker game if it is played with substandard and low quality accessories? You will never be satisfied with the game and will simple not get the feel of the game as with playing with a set of casino graded chips. Hence most of the experience players recommend purchasing a set of casino graded poker chips.

The reason why poker players prefer the feel of clay chips

The basic reason behind the preference for clay chips by most of the poker players is because of the greet feel that it brings while holding it. Clay poker chips are found to have been in use for playing poker a number of years back. The like for such chips has enhanced since earlier years. Nowadays the chips that are made of clay are quite different from what has been used during the earlier years but the preference for these chips still remains high. Most of the casinos situated in different parts of the world are found using chips made of clay.

You can now very rarely find chips made out of clay alone. To make them stronger and durable these chips are made mixing a few other materials. Even though they are attained by mixing other materials they are similar to the age old clay poker chips. The difference is that clay chips are not durable and can easily get worn out why people prefer to play with such poker chip sets is because the great feel that they get on holding these chips. You can find a lot of poker players who feel the same and most of them who are experienced would never play poker with any other sets of chips.

The Evolution of Clay Poker Chips

It was approximately during 1950s when clay poker chips have been invented. Until today, the battle against whether the chips were made using 100% clay or not are being discussed. More durable clay chips are made of clay, sand and calcium carbonate. The percentage of each ingredient varies on different manufacturers to make its signature clay chips made available exclusively for certain casinos or for public consumption. It is believed that clay poker chips have been used many decades back for playing poker.

The combination of the clay chip ingredients are heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit or nearly 150 degrees Celsius. Once reached its proper heat, clay is then molded into a chip at a pressure of 10,000 pounds every square inch. Color variation seen on the chip is heated and molded separately before remolding into the final chip; they are not painted as thought by others. Normal colors are red, yellow, blue, black and purple combined to white. Even if it has been used many years back its utility has never decreased. Even now these chips are used for playing poker. Minor variations have been made in the manufacturing process to make them stronger. In fact the preference for chip sets made of clay has only increased.

Clay poker chips – makes the game totally professional

The poker enthusiasts believe in the importance of the usage and utility of the clay poker chips. It is needless to say any thing to describe the importance of poker chips made of clay to them but it is true those who are poker illiterate they do not know about some of the best features of the poker chips that are available in the markets and even online. To get some detailed information it is better to scan the web and then get to the point of investments. In fact it is seen in many cases that without the proper knowledge of these chips the game is going to be of little interest to the player.

Poker chips made of clay usually make the game totally professional and also give the players an innovative, exciting and unique atmosphere. Since the onslaughts of poker the usage of these chips is in a variety of gambling areas to stake a bet. There are various materials like the gold chips, bones, gold cake and others. It was considered a usage in olden days as an accessory for gambling. Even now you can find a lot of clay chips in usage and are available in the market in a variety of designs and make.

Give up your plastic poker chips for a set of custom poker chips

Nowadays poker is not a game that people play once in a while. The game is widely played in different countries more frequently than ever before. There are lots of options now available for poker players and he can choose from a home poker game, a casino poker game or an online poker game. Poker madness is hitting the town and more and more people are found either playing poker in casinos and online game rooms or are seen around purchasing poker accessories to set up a home poker room. If you have already a setup of home poker room then what kind of poker chips are you using? If it is plastic poker chips then it is time to give it up and go for custom poker chips.

Custom chips belong to the more privileged group and are hence considered to be the most unique sets available. Almost all casinos use custom chips and hence they are preferred by most of the players. It is also advantageous when there are many players as cheating can be avoided since custom chips are easily noticeable and cannot be replaced by any other chips that you get to purchase in the market.

The ideal weight required for clay chips

Clay chips are really professional and are the most demanded poker accessories in the world. The weight of poker chips vary from one chip to the other hence you should also consider the weight factor while making your purchases. The price is in direct proportion with the weight as the more they weigh the higher would be the price. Usually clay poker chips weigh somewhere between 8.5 g to 13.5g. The choice is yours.

The most ideal weight is 11 grams hence if you want to choose a chip of the right weight then go for11.5 gram weighted chip. You would really enjoy the game with these kinds of chips which are of the right proportion. You can also find chips that weigh up to 18 grams. These kinds of chips that weigh more are not only expensive but would also be quite inconvenient to handle. Casino and poker players prefer chips weighing 11.5 grams. You can also find different weights in plastic chips. The weight of plastic chips starts from 3 gram; you can also find heavier plastic chips. Clay chips if they are heavy you would have to pay more. Choose the ideal weight to get the best chip set.